Qualifying Exams

Qualifying and other exams in the Contemporary – Art High School Tuzla are done in accordance with regulations on completing qualifying exams in grammar, technical, and art high schools in Tuzla Canton. Graduation from the Contemporary – Art High School Tuzla consists of:

  1. Collective Qualifying Exam (Final Exam)

    For Performed of Drama Arts and Education, a collective qualifying exam includes joint work of the whole class on the preparation of a theater play with all accompanying artistic and production segments (selection and/or processing of a dramatic text and/or current topics in the community, division of roles and tasks, text analysis, defining a theme and idea, theoretical and practical development of a play concept, defining the director’s style, explication of the script, the process of setting scenes and rehearsals, selection and/or creation of costumes, make-up, props, costumes and scenography, making posters, promotional materials, audience organization, technical and other project segments, performing a theater play in front of the audience and graduation thesis evaluation commission).

    For Youth Leader, a collective qualifying exam includes joint work of the whole class on the realization of a social project in the community (needs research, defining the target group of the project, programming, identification, formulation, writing a project application, realization and implementation, budget and project financing, public promotion of the project in the community, stakeholder involvement, cooperation with media).

  2. Independent theoretical or practical exam

    in one professional art subject that is not within the final thesis from which the graduation thesis is done. The choice of professional art subjects from which students can take the final exam is determined by the Teachers’ Council of the School. This part of the exam can be taken theoretically (by a combination of questions of importance for the professional art subject) or practical work within the professional art subject (seminar paper, research, project, experiment, community work)

  3. Integral test
    (In the case of students of the Contemporary Art School Tuzla, the integral test consists of an external test in the subjects: the Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language and literature and English).

The collective qualifying exam (collective final work of students) and the independent theoretical or practical professional exam are conducted by the School, and the integral test is performed externally and is conducted by the Pedagogical Institute of Tuzla Canton. All other issues related to taking the qualifying exam are regulated in accordance with the Rulebook on taking the Qualifying exam in high school, a technical and artistic high school in the area of Tuzla Canton No. 2/19.

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