The ways to test students’ knowledge are as follows:

  • Introductory/initial checking knowledge (only for internal professor needs),
  • Oral examination (with or without announcement, with a maximum of 10 minutes per student),
  • Written assessment systems (with prior notice, continuous method of knowledge assessment),
  • Through knowledge tests (excluding the subjective attitude of professors),
  • Practical review of the work (performing content in front of other school students, parents, teaching staff, audience, public),
  • Self-assessment methods (students/professors give suggestions for knowledge assessments),
  • Peer assessment methods (students/professors evaluate each other),
  • Subjective assessment (applied by teachers of art subjects or membership in commissions for assessment of entrance, final graduation thesis).

At regular weekly meetings of coordination and planning of improving the working conditions of the School, the teaching staff will take care of the implementation and monitoring of methods, forms of work, and methods of verification of teaching work.

Accordingly, a student who does a written test from one subject can be orally tested only from one additional subject. If a student does not have written tests, s(he) can be orally tested from two different subjects. A student can write only one written test a day and a maximum of four written tests in one week.

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