The staff of the Tuzla Contemporary Art High School wishes all students a successful 2023/24 school year. New school year Welcome! LATEST

Our dear ones,

parents, guardians, students, partners, friends, and colleagues, on behalf of the Private Institution Mixed Secondary “Contemporary Art School” Tuzla, we welcome you to our website.

May our experience of collaboration, work, and friendship become a museum of memories for current and all future generations.

Thank you for your interest in our work. Welcome to the school of creative self-discovery.

Unique and innovative!

The Mixed Secondary „Contemporary Art School“ Tuzla approaches education and upbringing in a way where:

  • It replaces uniformity with diversity,
  • Highlights the essential from the multitude,
  • Teachers guide students’ thinking towards understanding the covered content,
  • Emphasizes the educational significance of only those teaching materials that students fully comprehend,
  • Applies the manifestation of students’ subject positions in independent learning, active engagement with acquired knowledge, skills, and habits.

All of the above contributes to the development of autonomous, free, and responsible personalities in students.

Global goal

Education for life, i.e., acquiring knowledge, developing abilities and skills, forming positive attitudes and habits, adopting values, and unleashing the full potential of each student.

The ultimate purpose of education is to enhance the quality of life.

Specific educational goals

They express the needs of the individual student in education, as well as the needs and interests of society in education. The needs and interests of the individual and society are interconnected.

Specific objectives related to the student enable the development of all aspects of their personality in accordance with their developmental needs, potential, and interests.

Advantages of education

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Performance animator of dramatic art and education

Applied Theatre and Drama as a field of study.

Youth Leader

Youth Leadership as a field of study.

Škola kreativne (samo)spoznaje!

© 2024 MSSUŠ Tuzla. Sva prava zadržana.

Škola kreativne (samo)spoznaje!

© 2024 MSSUŠ Tuzla. Sva prava zadržana.