Job Opportunities

Students who graduate from the Contemporary – Art High School can later on search for the following jobs:

  • Using practical realization of artistic and pedagogical work with groups of children, youth, and adults in the field of acting, dance, film, directing, costume design, and scenography in various culture and information centers, cultural and art institutions, associations, foundations, and media houses in Tuzla Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the region,
  • Creating personal artistic performances and performing them at various manifestations, events, festivals, ceremonies, and fairs,
  • Hosting TV and radio shows for children and youth,
  • Becoming leaders of cultural, artistic, educational, and sports events and projects,
  • Coordinating or assisting in the management and implementation of projects of organizations and institutions,
  • Becoming spokespersons or marketing campaign managers of organizations, institutions, and companies,
  • Becoming performers, puppeteers, stage or drama performers of programs in kindergartens,
  • Becoming professional associates in primary and secondary schools in conducting extracurricular activities,
  • Working in playrooms, theaters for children and youth, squares, boats, summer seasons, tourism, hotels, department stores, shopping malls, hostels, restaurants, camps, seminars, boats, and beaches.

Each municipality/city has its funds for young people and events in the field of culture or art, which are an opportunity for students, who graduated from the Contemporary – Art High School and are trained in artistic and organizational activities and project management to start their artistic projects.

The Youth Law FB&H requires each local self-government unit to allocate funds for youth work, provide official service and space, keep records of youth projects and organizations, and on the other hand impose an obligation on young people to actively participate in strengthening their abilities and to contribute to building and nurturing of social values ​​and community development. It also motivates them to work on the promotion of peace, culture, tolerance, and solidarity. In this way, students with a school certificate from the Contemporary – Art High School have the opportunity to use the initial funds for projects in culture, arts, education, and youth work each year and to act following the Youth Law FB&H.

The Associations/Foundations Law FB&H provides an opportunity for young people to establish an association that will implement various projects and activities of importance to children, youth, and adults. Large funds are available every day for youth and cultural projects at the European Union level, which can be a source of forms of engagement and employment of young people who are familiar with methods used for writing projects, but more importantly, are taught to manage them, with an emphasis on international cooperation projects in the field of art or work with young people.

Foundations and donors in the region announce daily programs for financing or co-financing start-up businesses and entrepreneurship programs, which is a great opportunity for students, given that through education they will be able to create and implement various project forms, entrepreneurship, and business plans.

The Contemporary – Art High School trains students to create, not get, or wait for jobs.

Škola kreativne (samo)spoznaje!

© 2024 MSSUŠ Tuzla. Sva prava zadržana.

Škola kreativne (samo)spoznaje!

© 2024 MSSUŠ Tuzla. Sva prava zadržana.


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