Entrance Exam

The entrance exam is conducted by a committee appointed by the Professors’ Council of the School. The committee will, in a very sensitive way through the play, socializing, and inspiring conversations, realize the form of the entrance exam for each student by checking some of the following predispositions:

  • Art and presentational predispositions

    (Verbal and/or written analysis and a conversation based on a drama text, novel, fairytale, or fabula; verbal and/or written analysis of offered photography; verbal and/or written analysis of a video, movie, and audio file; rhythm, listening, speech, articulation, diction test as well as a test of music, dance, singing abilities)
  • Physical predispositions
    (Body flexibility, freedom of movement through space, sport/dance experiences)
  • Health predispositions
    (Sharing any information regarding injuries, breakages, allergies, traumas, fears, falls, accidents, therapies, medicine, or physical disability) 

Additionally, the following will be organized:

  • Interviews with students
    Motivation, need, interest, and students’ expectations
  • Interviews with parents/guardians
    Motivation, need, interest, and students’ expectations

The entrance exam is organized in the School in the form of classes with the intention that the students get to know the ways and systems of the School’s work in the best possible way, as well as to meet the staff and associates. The School has the right to keep audio and video recording of the entrance exam exclusively for the needs of the School’s archive. The duration of the entrance exam is from 1 to 4 days.

Participants of the Drama Studio for Children, Youth, and Adults of the Tuzla Youth Theater who have a Certificate of Completion of the Drama Studio of Advanced Phase for Children, Youth, and Adults are exempted from taking one part of the entrance exam.