Continuing Education


Students are educated according to the curriculum which includes the necessary general education and professional art subjects. In this way, they can continue their education at all Faculties/Academies with a school certificate from the Contemporary – Art High School. The School is established with the aim of promoting further education in which both directions of education encourage and train students to continue education in the following fields:

  • Music, drama, and other performing arts,
  • graphic and fashion design,
  • dance, ballet, sport,
  • acting, directing, production, dramaturgy, critics,
  • costimography and clothing design,
  • fine arts, artistic space modification, painting,
  • photography, camera, film, audio, and video editing,
  • puppetry, animation,
  • preschool education, general education,
  • pedagogy, psychology,
  • medicine, pharmacy,
  • sociology, philosophy, human rights,
  • languages and literature, foreign languages, history, geography,
  • education, rehabilitation,
  • management, marketing, tourism, economy,
  • communications, journalism, media, PR management,
  • law, politology, interpersonal relationships, and diplomacy,
  • applied mathematics, and informatics,
  • audio/visual arts,
  • other titles and occupations.

The Contemporary Art High School teaches future students to use innovative approaches to education and methods of applied theater and drama from high school in all future professions and occupations.


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