Mission and Vision

The Contemporary - Art High School Tuzla

Mission: Innovative and contemporary approach to education and upbringing by using the means of creative drama pedagogy and methods of fine arts and drama

Vision: School of creative (self-) awareness.

Upbringing and education of children and youth in the 21st century, the time of technological and informational achievements, represents the most demanding responsibilities and challenges of the present times, not only for children and youth, but also for parents, guardians, teachers, institutions, education systems, and science. Generations of children and youth together with their parents seek inventive and contemporary ways of upbringing and education so that the mind and body is simultaneously united. This kind of approach will instill responsibility in an individual towards himself/herself and the community.

The Contemporary – Art High School Tuzla is established on the basis of sixteen years of experience in drama pedagogy and the programs created by the Association of Youth Theater Tuzla and the Association Youth of Tuzla with the aim of giving rise to an innovative education system for children and youth. The Founders aim to enhance education quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina through contemporary learning methods and the usage of specific models of creative drama pedagogy. .

The School’s concept lies in the contemporary and original approach by using creative drama pedagogy, which primarily focuses on advancing learning capacities and development of students’ competencies and strengths. The goal is to overcome traditional ways of education and learning methods. Additionally, one of the primary focuses is teaching students how to successfully use gained skills through such educational models in their everyday life and other educational journeys.

Rich and diverse curriculum, created by the Founders on the basis of long-term research of children and youth’s needs, advances students communication skills and culture of public appearance, improves socialization, cognitive and emotional development, teaches project management, introspection, critical thinking, imagination, acceptance, flexibility, responsibility, self-control, self-discipline, self-awareness, esthetic values, body and mind connection, motivation, trust, teamwork, freedom of speech, social awareness of the community, creative problem-solving, duty devotion, work habits, the importance of respecting rules, youth activism development, entrepreneurship, and coping with various situations in life. In this way, a student can manage various situations and people in the community of the 21st century regardless of his/her future educational choices.

The School’s goals and ways are in accordance with the main education and upbringing goals found in the Framework Law on Secondary Education and Upbringing in Tuzla Canton, and are aimed at the intellectual, emotional, social, moral, physical development of every student through the following: 

  • gaining high-quality knowledge, information, skills, and patterns of attitude necessary for personal growth and development as well as active involvement in the community;
  • creativity and innovation development together with motivation for education and learning, self-initiative, a system of positive life values, personal and national identity, and communication skills;
  • awareness development regarding the importance of health, security, and environmental issues;
  • development of analysis skills and their usage, as well as information/knowledge sharing ways;
  • training on creative problem-solving, usage, and practice of knowledge;
  • rise of professional competencies, in accordance with various professions, market needs, development of contemporary science, economy, and technology;
  • training on decision-making processes regarding further career and education choices;
  • solidarity development, cooperation, and ability to work in a team;
  • development of abilities needed for being a responsible citizen, for life in a democratic and humane community where human and civil rights are respected, together with diversity rights and care for others through participation in cross-border cooperation;
  • respect towards racial, national, cultural, lingual, religious, gender, sexual, and age equality, tolerance, and differences acceptance;
  • development of pedagogical competencies of the 21st century.


The Contemporary – Art High School Tuzla is established in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuzla Canton. The School’s headquarters is located in Tuzla, with the option for lessons to be performed at other locations and spaces in accordance with Pedagogical Standards of Secondary Education in Tuzla Canton. The School can provide educational work based on the suitable curriculum outside of its headquarters and can also teach students who come from abroad in agreement with the Framework Law. The School operates as a multidisciplinary in which, in agreement with the Framework Law, apart from general education, it can manage the curriculum of the following schools: grammar school, technical high school, art high school, and vocational school. Apart from general education and vocational-art element, the School can provide programs for professional training and qualification as well as education of adults and programs for additional education.   

The School has the status of a private institution for education and upbringing.

The principles of the School staff are as follows:

Human rights and freedom respect;

Sincerity, honesty, appreciation, tolerance, and acceptance;

Composure, economy, flexibility, equality;

Actuality, innovation, continuous improvement, and learning;

Precision while distributing rights, duties, and responsibilities;

Clear definition of goals, tasks, activities, and wanted results;

Listening skills, communication.

Škola kreativne (samo)spoznaje!

© 2024 MSSUŠ Tuzla. Sva prava zadržana.

Škola kreativne (samo)spoznaje!

© 2024 MSSUŠ Tuzla. Sva prava zadržana.